Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A shoe with a smile!

Jack Purcell is known as the smiling shoes because of the smiley icon visible on the front part of it. Before Jack Purcell was belong to a court use shoes for badminton and other indoor games. But it was evolved and became part of lifestyle shoes due to the design adapting closely to chuck taylor shoes that is known for a brand driver and a front liner of all styling shoes.

Friday, August 21, 2009

John Varvatos Shoes limited Edition

converse shoes
John Varvatos a world-renowned fashion designer puts his own unique spin on classic chuck taylor. The limited edition shoes are already out in the global market. It is a mix of classic or original and lifestyle modernize chuck taylor shoes.
We all know chuck is the front liners of converse. Almost everybody loves it including those extreme adrenaline junkies, the cosmopolitan and those old school punk were very fan of this shoes. It is an art and it is more well appreciated once it gets old and dirty. Some were really looking forward on the new style and John Varvatos style is one of a kind becuase of its simplicity but well accepted in the market.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Promoting its significance over a century

For over a hundred years of existence converse became all time favorite shoes of all ages. So as part of celebrating converse in a century, a huge 3D chuck taylor shoe installed in a mobile ad showing us how it leaves a mark in terms of fashion, lifestyle, sports and technology.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


This year, Converse reaches a remarkable feat as it commemorates its centennial year. Through the years, Converse has been reputed as one of the world’s coveted, iconic brands. From basketball courts to the different rendezvous; from the birth of the All Star® shoe in 1917 to the birth of the NBA and Rock n’ Roll to today’s pop culture; Converse has been on the feet and being worn by the True Originals.

Converse, which started as footwear company – and now carries apparel and accessories- has been and will continue to inspire originality to the next 100 years. The footwear collaboration has evolved from Chuck Taylor® All Star® (1921) to Jack Purcell (1935); to the resurgence of performance basketball through the signing of Dwayne Wade in 2003.

Poorman Collection

The urban or hip – hop music has a colorful history, from their fight for freedom from slavery, they have formed hip – hop get up’s and music. From music to word influencing, they introduced to the masses different kinds of rap and word combinations. From ghetto to riches, their music has captivated people from their roots and up to now. The leaders of revolution have again disrupted the status quo worn again by originals, Converse.


Since the 50’s, the leaders of revolution have disrupted the status quo. The music of psychedelia, glam, hard rock, acid rock, punk and funk inspired by the psychedelic folk movement in the 1960’s in England and Scotland. The music of this era has been influenced by the eastern music as well as fantasy and mythical literature, lyrics often involved mystical creatures like unicorns & dragons supported by colorful and vivid visuals and clothing.


Vandalism, Art expression, letterings and drawings you see at any walls, and public transportation. Converse story’s always been set to music. The birth of graffiti expressions has always been incorporated to music from the era of 80’s “where the video kills the radio star” from funk & punk, hip-hop, grunge and rock & roll and met the 21st century loud, proud, and unruly – AN IDEAL INSPIRATION FOR A CENTURY BASH.